Our Goal:

About Foothills Rehabilitation & Performance Services


We treat a full range of outpatient diagnoses, from surgery recovery to chronic pain and overuse and many more.


At Foothills we give our patients more by offering One on One care that you don't find anywhere else. Our facility provides one on one treatment with a physical therapist, rather than aids or techs, giving you the personal attention you deserve.


We offer a variety of different therapies all under one roof; Speech, Occupation and Physical Therapy are all offered at Foothills. Our licensed therapists give exceptional care in a variety of specialities.


At Foothills we treat Pediatric through Adult. Our excellent pediatric therapy is sought after and meets the special needs your child may have. Our adult care is unsurpassed with the amount of attention and one-on-one care given.


We promote good health and independence and provide excellent follow-up care with home program development and self-management strategies to patients, empowering them to enjoy lasting relief and remain injury free.


State of the art equipment is the standard at Foothills. We have the very best tools to get you back on top of your game. We also provide aquatic therapy with our comfortable Hydroworx pool.


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